Interview with Deividas Jakavičius, Second Prize Winner in Languages Speak Up! competition

We were not planning on blogging again in 2011, but we are such big fans of the runner up of our Languages Speak Up! competition that we could not resist sharing this with you. Partnerships and Projects Manager for British Council Lithuania, Vilma Backiute, met with Devidas Jakačius to discuss his entry and what languages mean to him. If you have not already viewed his video, please do so and we will see you all in 2012!

On 15 December I met Deividas Jakavičius, the Second Prize Winner in the Languages Speak Up! video competition, at Simonas Daukantas Gymnasium in Vilnius. I went to his school to hand in the award, and ended up joining in singing Christmas songs in English with over 100 students. That was a pre-Christmas event concert for the 10th-grade students, where Deividas worked on the back stage assisting the singers with music background. Deividas is in his last year at the school and is already a school celebrity. He is a founder of a school band and known as a member of Vilnius band Funk Clock. He also creates lyrics and music. Deividas’s achievement in the video competition was not news to the school community. They had it out in the school e-news on November 24. I discovered that Deividas has to thank his friend Adomas Gurstis who helped him out in the creative process. Thus, as an impromptu thank-you gift Adomas got a traditional British Christmas cake. Well done to both :-) Congratulations! You can watch the interview with Deividas and Adomas here:



One thought on “Interview with Deividas Jakavičius, Second Prize Winner in Languages Speak Up! competition

  1. Good job,guys! I can understand it’s hard for people to learn a different language than their own and play with words in a different language just like you guys. But you guys will and can inspire a lot of people around the world and show them it can be done!

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